Month: April 2017

Concrete Block – Barmston Drain. Preparatory work.Concrete Block – Barmston Drain. Preparatory work.

I’m doing some work based on an image of a concrete block next to the Barmston drain. It’s to illustrate Sculcoates as it is in 2017. Industrial, unloved, uninhabited. Yet people are here, because the block is covered in graffiti. The first image is in charcoal. It’s a sketch. I like this. As a sketch, […]

Photo CollagePhoto Collage

Bit of work with photographs for college. I’m looking at places I used to live, and places relevant to family history. I’ve been looking at images to use, some of them are my own and some are acquired from elsewhere. The original idea was to use them as painting subjects, but right now I’m happier […]