Yr 3 art degree update

Gosh, it’s been a while since anything happened on my neglected site.

One of the things I intend to do this year is run a commentary on  what I’m doing at art college. I’m into year 3 of 5, and as well as documenting in paper form, I’ve committed to updating this website. Maybe if I’m doing a regular commentary, it’ll get more interest!

I’ll be updating what I’m doing, I’ll also be highlighting anything interesting that may be going on. Places I’ve visited. Events in the local area. That sort of thing.

So what am I doing?

2/3/colour prints in progress - 2 Stoops, Pateley BridgeLino cut is currently the order of the day. Printmaking is featuring heavily in my work at present, and here are some examples. I’ve done  some experimental work relating to the local Pateley Bridge landmark of Yorke’s Folly, and this image of the work on the studio wall gives a glimpse of what I’ve done. I’ve included sketches and proofs. I’m trying different colours, combinations, and background papers.


Print - unfinished image of Workhouse

The second image also shows a work in progress, based on the old workhouse, also in Pateley Bridge. This is the first image, and I’ve made several copies of this in varying shades off reddish-brown to beige, all on white paper.


The subdued colours are reflective of the subject matter. Clearly this isn’t a venue that would have been cheery for the residents.

Linking the themes is the subject of poverty. The folly was built to provide work for people in hard times, and the workhouse is where people could end up if things got too hard.

And I’m aware that both these prints are mirror images. I’m fine with that. I feel that these representations of Victorian poverty reflect modern times. That may sound like a cliché, but sadly it’s often too true.

I’ll keep up the blog up to date, and update the images as and when they are finished.



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