I’m busy printmaking at the minute. I’ve done a bit more at college, but as I now have most of the kit I need to do this from home, I’ve been busy.

Here’s a bit of work based on the old workhouse in Pateley Bridge – first colour. It’s deliberately gloomy! And reversed – as I’ve said before, it’s a mirror of modern life. The first proof looked like a Christmas card, which is exactly what I didn’t want.

I’ve also done some more work based on ‘Yorke’s Folly’. First colour – blue! I did a few and added more white, so the later ones are a lighter blue. This time, I set up a rudimentary template, so as I add colours this should assist with registration. This is important because it’s an A4 piece of lino which is harder to work with – it’s quite flimsy. Again, it’s a reverse image of the real thing. Also, in this case I’m working from a photograph. My sketches are still giving me a sense of reality, but the photo assists with the composition.

The blue image has a pattern. I’m fine with this, but this is almost certainly a consequence of using a wooden spoon and not a press! I may invest in the future, so I can work on drypoint printing. I’m using oil-based inks, which I prefer for the vibrant colours, even if they are messier to work with.

I’ve found cartridge paper to be the best because it’s a bit thinner than the watercolour papers I’ve used previously, and gives a sharper image. It’s also a bit cheaper, so I’m not bothered about mistakes!

One other thing I’m finding tricky during this development work, is how to render the sky. I’ve tried patterns, and colours, but I’m still not totally sure I’m happy. Maybe I’ll not bother with sky on the next one. Food for thought.

Back to it – next colour. Probably a yellow-brown.

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