Photo Collage

Bit of work with photographs for college. I’m looking at places I used to live, and places relevant to family history. I’ve been looking at images to use, some of them are my own and some are acquired from elsewhere. The original idea was to use them as painting subjects, but right now I’m happier to try and develop the idea with the photographs. Cutting up images is rather therapeutic!

The images are all in the Sculcoates area north of Hull, or thereabouts. In the past, this area had a large residential community, but nowadays the whole area is heavily industrialised. It’s actually hard to find much evidence of it’s past. But it’s there if you look hard enough. The area crops up regularly in my family tree, and so it’s become the subject of my work of late.

All these images are approximately a4-size, up to about 32cmx22cm.

Scott Street Bridge – rusting urban decay. I’ve broken it up, and like the window effect! This bridge has been left in this state for years, and it’s a bit of a disgrace really. Hull might be the City of Culture 2017, but all the money is going into the City Centre at the expense of its industrial heritage. Quite a shame, but ideal as subject matter for artists.

Another view of Scott Street – not quite finished; it’s been left shut for that long that it’s become an easel for graffiti artists.

I’ve borrowed this picture off Google Streetview, as I don’t have a photo of it myself; but it works with the text. The article top-right is related to the street; the content of the article is related to my family history. Also of note is the road surface – still complete with stone setts. This is quite hard to find now.

These images are experimental, and I’m sure there is more to be done with them so I’ll be carrying on. These images will look much better in larger scales!

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