Concrete Block – Barmston Drain. Preparatory work.

I’m doing some work based on an image of a concrete block next to the Barmston drain. It’s to illustrate Sculcoates as it is in 2017. Industrial, unloved, uninhabited. Yet people are here, because the block is covered in graffiti.

The first image is in charcoal. It’s a sketch. I like this.

As a sketch, it’s also a useful guide to how simple this will be – or not. The grass and vegetation is going to be rather difficult.

Second image – blue watercolour. (photo taken under artificial light).

I’m not very good at watercolour. But this isn’t designed to create a finished item. It’s an experiment in shade, which is why I’ve only used one colour. In addition, it’s a useful exercise in order to get used to using a brush again – I’ve done a lot of printmaking recently. I prefer the charcoal image, but again it’s a useful exercise in working out how to tackle various aspects of the image, not least the vegetation.

This image will lend itself well to an oil painting, which is the final plan. It also demonstrates how out of practise I am at drawing – the perspective on both is bad!

This source material is interesting to me. The graffiti, the unloved concrete block; it’s all fantastic source material. If you want an idea of how good it can be, please do look up George Shaw, who is a continuing inspiration to my work.

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